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Laurens County Victim Assistance Serving the citizens of Laurens County, South Carolina

The mission of the Laurens City Police Department is to provide every person in the City of Laurens - regardless of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or any other characteristic, whether resident, visitor or traveler - with the best law enforcement service and protection possible. In so doing, we dedicate ourselves to excellence in order to become the most trusted, respectable, dependable and effective law enforcement agency anywhere. We aim to be sensitive to the needs of the people, to be focused enough to deal with today’s problems and yet remain flexible enough to change with the times and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We provide numerous services that are diverse and somewhat unique, but are always directed toward the prevention and suppression of crime. This awesome responsibility includes drug enforcement, traffic enforcement, protection of life and property, education, providing leadership for the community at large and reinforcing the family, churches, schools, businesses and neighborhood and community groups.

Accomplishing this mission requires the highest values on our part; impeccable character defined by honor, integrity, devotion to duty, honesty, knowledge, pride and professionalism. These values form the basis for building a solid alliance with the public at large in our fight against crime.

We recognize the fact that we are constantly exposed, continually examined, ceaselessly judged. Our actions must always be tempered by understanding and compassion, enforced with decisiveness and firmness and administered with pride and professionalism. We must daily reinforce our belief that justice and good not only should, but can, prevail. In the pursuit of our duties, we must do to others only as we would have done to us. We must strive to be the best and in every effort we must sincerely seek that eminent standard we refer to as Justice for All.

Chief Chrissie Cofield

Laurens City Police

The mission of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is to preserve the peace, protect life and property, prevent crime, apprehend criminals, recover lost of stolen property, deliver consistent and humane treatment to those under our care and custody and to enforce in a fair and impartial manner all Federal, State and County laws.

The Laurens County Sheriffs Office and its staff will serve the public by direction, counsel and other ways that do not interfere with the discharge of our Law Enforcement responsibilities.  

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office will respect and protect the rights of individuals and perform their service with honesty, zeal, courage, fidelity and sound judgment.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without the support of the citizens that it serves.  Essential to the success of our mission is meeting the needs of our community through service to our community, interaction with our citizens, being community based problem solvers, adhering to high ethical standards of conduct and administering not only the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law.

Sheriff Don Reynolds

Laurens County Sheriff

State Office of Victim Assistance

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

South Carolina Governor's Office of Ombudsman

8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Clinton Public Safety

Laurens City Police Department

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office

Our mission is to preserve the rights of the citizens of Laurens, Greenwood, Abbeville and Newberry counties while vigorously prosecuting those who violate the law.

Solicitor David M. Stumbo

8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Our Mission is to provide a safe place for battered women to find comfort, peace, acceptance and support while they are rebuilding shattered lives.

Executive Director Dawn M. Ardelt

Laurens County Safe Home

Laurens County Safe Home

Executive Director Dawn Ardelt

Solicitor David Stumbo

Chief Sonny B. Ledda

Chief Chrissie Cofield

Sheriff Don Reynolds

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Welcome to the Laurens County Victim Assistance Office. We are in the upstate of South Carolina and service the victims of Laurens County.

The links  at the top of this page will help guide you through our site. If you are a victim of crime, there is loads of information here for you. Please check out our links for more information on victim assistance and services.

Our Mission Statement


Our mission is to serve the crime victims of Laurens County with dignity and fairness. We strive to ensure they are provided with the means to recover from their victimization during the court process and thereafter.

Clinton Public Safety

Chief Sonny B. Ledda

Our mission is to provide law enforcement and fire services to the citizens of Clinton by being proactive toward criminal activity occurring in the city.

We also strive to ensure that all officers receive continued training and are able to effectively deal with the incidents they handle on a daily basis.