Use these links to help you with answers to your questions on different types of victimization. Some of the links are listed on different pages of our website, but there are several new ones here, including links to different statewide and local agencies involved with victim services.

      Related Links

The National Center for Missing and Exploited children

Helpful Links for Victims

Prevention and reporting of Identity Theft.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

South Carolina Governor’s Office of Ombudsman

State Office of Victim Assistance

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

Laurens County Victim Advocates Office

Balancing The Scales Of Justice, One Victim At A Time

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The Laurens County Safe Home for Women

The 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Clinton Department of Public Safety

Laurens City Police Department

Laurens County Sheriffs Office

Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse

South Carolina Department of Social Services

South Carolina Department of Mental Health